hello and welcome to my blog, a creative outlet where i share my art, inspirations, and loves.

i'm a mama of three little ones, with an overflowing passion for design, both online and offline. we live in a creative, happy, healthy home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. when you walk through our front door for a visit, i want you to feel comfortable, inspired, uplifted and excited. i hope to connect with my readers on that very same level through my blog.

i am in love with motherhood and spend the majority of my time keeping my family happy and full-bellied. you could definitely say i'm a bit of a free spirit - my husband often jokes there are four children living in our home. a day without laughter is a day wasted.  when i'm not playing at the park or joining in on tea parties, i apply my creative energy as a designer for my independant design studio which has been kickin' for 10 years. i've recently shifted directions and will be opening a new etsy shop featuring printables this Fall 2013!

say hello.

smilne {at} daffodildesign {dot} com

you can also find me at...


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