Saturday, June 08, 2013

{freebies} all about my daddy.

father's day is just around the corner and if you're in a pickle of what to give that everyday super hero, here are two free printables to get you well on your way.

first, celebrate with a sweet treat and add this awesome topper to his favorite dessert.

instructions included

and then, surprise him with this all about my daddy questionnaire. these questionnaires are always a fun activity to do with your children and i suspect you'll collect some hilarious answers! i never knew B weighed 36 pounds, measured 10 feet tall and his favorite food are grapes!  frame your printable and wrap in a bow tie and he'll love it!


Naomi said...

this is so cute! My husband is 2'4" and 23 pounds...with brown hair and black eyes...according to my 3 year old. ha ha! Thank you!

Caper Away said...

Thanks! Ours is framed and ready for Father's Day!

Sarah said...

Awesome! Hope he loved it.

Sarah said...

Ha! Dad had purple eyes here last year... Glad you loved it!

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