Thursday, May 03, 2012

{i love} following my bliss.

i've had this post written for nearly a month now.  i've been on the fence whether to publish it... or follow through in a new direction of a blog redesign and change focus of my little design biz.  the latter will come, but for now, i am taking a wee little break.


this blog has had it's ups and downs.
i do wish somedays i had more time for it.
but then, i put myself in check and realize that is a silly, silly desire.
that "extra" time i'm hoping for, i'd rather spill into a craft, bake a special dessert, keep fit, complete a little detail for my baby's birthday party, or a project around our home.. things i absolutely love to do. for me and for my family.

i do love to blog. i love sharing my creativity, ideas and design work with others. my blog is a creative outlet and platform for my design business.  and now, thanks to pinterest, i have thousands of visitors each week.  as a result, i feel obligation to keep my content fresh.  most weeks, that's nearly impossible.

so with that, for now, i will put my fourth baby, this blog and design business, on hold.  i want to come back into my business with a clear vision and goal, and have pure honest time to invest into it.


maybe i'll start an etsy shop for printables and party decor
maybe i'll become a party planner
maybe i'll design nurseries and children's rooms

but for now,

i'll be a mom.
the best job and time sucker there is anyway.

ps. those of you who follow or are new to my blog, thank you and welcome.  enjoy browsing my past posts and making use of my adorable freebies.  you can always follow me on pinterest where i'll be pinning my favourite projects, recipes, crafts and other beautiful things!

see you again soon.


ali said...

If you are pausing this phase of your life, at least I can find solace in the fact that you are still one of my favorite pinners!

I think any mother understands the demands of motherhood. I blog to document my kids, but how sad is it when I don't even have time for that?

Good luck to you.

nikki said...

I just found your blog through pinterest, and as a mama of (newly) two, this post touched my heart a little. I always feel guilty about letting my blog slip, but truth be told I'd rather spend the moments with the little ones, too.

All the best to you! (And thanks for letting us indulge in your Pins)


Morgan said...

What a heartfelt post.

I have had these same thoughts so often over the course of writing my blog, and I only have one busy little boy filling my days with fun!

I will enjoy watching your pins, and look forward to seeing you guys soon!


christine, just bella said...

I've had these exact same feelings too, Sarah. I love blogging but I hate that guilty feeling that I SHOULD blog. I feel the same way as you, there are much better things I could be doing with my time. It's definitely a battle to find the balance.

I'll miss your posts but thankfully you are one of my fav pinners. I'll see ya on pinterest! Now go enjoy that beautiful family of yours :)

erin said...

Well, my talented friend, I know there is not a moment you spend with your sweet children that you will regret! It goes so quickly. That being said, when/if you decide to pick it up again, I'm sure it will be a success. That saying about the cream always rising to the top seems to apply to talents as well. You will always have "followers" who will seek out your creative work, whatever it might be!

Jazzille said...

Love your blog! :)

Catie @ Catie's Corner said...

Hi Sarah, I just found your blog this evening. Your girls' room was featured on The Inspired Room. It is gorgeous! I love it and bet they do too. Your little guys room is soo cute too.

I was happy to read your a fellow Calgarian! But I'm a little bummed that your taking a break from blogging. I totally understand though! Blogging can definitely be a time-suck. And with three kids, you must be one busy lady. I look forward to reading through your past posts and I'll follow you on Pinterest.

Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi. And I am a Pinterest addict, so you might want to follow me back. ; )

Take care and enjoy all the special moments with your kiddos. They grow up soo fast! My baby is almost done with her first year of school and our oldest will be starting 9th grade this Fall!

~ Catie

Jennifer said...

Hi Sarah,

Cute blog! I just found it! One day you'll have more time :) Until then...enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Totally get where you coming from. While there are so many amazing things we COULD be doing, somewhere along the way we have to prioritize and do the the things that REALLY count.

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