Friday, April 13, 2012

{oh baby} stroller wars.

1 stroller, 3 babies, 55 flamingos

these days, buying a stroller can be a big investment. we definitely had a tough time deciding whether to go with a side by side double or another that was more compact and flexible.

my list of wants included...

potential room for 3
easy fold and expansion
compatible with most carseats {we have the peg perego}
tall handle
lots of storage
fits easily in our cargo space
durability and longevity
good on rougher terrain, walks, park visits, zoo visits
snack tray option

we considered the bumbleride indie twin as we had the single and absolutely adored it. i was hesitant to choose a double wide simply because of the width. another double we looked at was the phil and teds with the toddler seat, the glaring issue i have with these types of strollers is the low seat for the child that sits beneath resulting in a restricted front view.

we chose the baby jogger city select based on its 16 different seating variations and here's what else we love...

huge storage space
removable seats
easy fold and expansion
glider board for our oldest, which easily drops or folds up on the fly
stadium seating with both toddler seats, an equal view of the sights

i find the steering on our city select a little more work, probably because i'm pushing 80 pounds of baby in addition to the stroller's weight. it took some getting used to, but now i hardly notice any restriction, and it's a good work out anyway. the only other annoyance i have thus far, is the snack tray pops on and off a little too easily. minor.

i highly recommend the city select stroller, whether you're expecting your first or third. with all it's flexible options and gadgets, it's a great stroller that'll take you through the years of an expanding family!


N.D. said...

whoa this is impressive!! I just figured I'd be carrying the 3rd in a bjorn w/ my current sit and stand. Thanks for posting.

Lisa said...

i was just going to comment on your post when you posted intitially, to ask which stroller you are using. thanks!

Jessica Larae said...

so glad you posted this! i have been debating between this and the phil and teds. i was leaning more towards the city select and now i'm am 99% sure that is the next stroller for us!!

Naralue said...

I have this stoller and I honestly have no complaints. Love, love, love it!!

christine, just bella said...

The baby jogger line is the best. We were debating between this and the 'city mini'. We ended up going with the 'city mini' since we just have one kiddo for now but I love it. I'm kinda jealous of all the fancy positions the 'select' can go in though...

p.s. I bet 80 pounds of babies is a handful, work those mom arms!

Britney said...

i have the same stroller and feel the same way - i love love love it! we had a baby jogger for our single stroller and knew it was the way to go. they have a great design and lots of options. besides the pros you mentioned, i also liked that it can be used as a single (not too bulky) for that someday long in the future when i will only have one child in a stroller!

cdrom92 said...

hi there! my sister has the city select (purchased it from <a href=">pishposhbaby</a>, this online retail store, and she is THRILLED! jessica, the stroller beats any phil and teds stroller by far!

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