Friday, April 20, 2012

{oh baby} life with hank. month two.

what a difference a month makes. hank the tank is a good nickname for this boy.  his evening feeds are astounding these days and we still can't figure out where it's all going.  spring has finally sprung and we've made it around the pond a few times -  i can't wait to enjoy this sun coming our way this weekend. 

month two and currently loving...

his smiles. still. he is a happy, content baby most of the time. and always has a smile for mama and big sister.

his bottom lip. and when he's unhappy, he has an enormous pout that is probably one of the most adorable things i've seen.

bubbles and coos. he loves to hear silly sounds we make and his rebuttal are adorable coos and blowing bubbles.

sleeping.  after polishing off a good 8 ounces before bed, hank's down for the count.  we're up to sneaking 6 hours of blissful straight sleep from him on occasion this past week.

his hair. obsessed.  i have one with braids, one with ringlet curls, and one with a faux hawk.  awesome.

accomplishment.  i admit that this transition for me was definitely a tough one.  i've had good days and bad. but ultimately, i feel accomplished that i've developed a routine and sunk into a good groove with these babes of mine.

see: month 1.


andrea said...

it's almost ridiculous how cute he is -- i think i love him a little bit. and 'hank the tank' is a nickname thrown around these parts quite often too. love it!

Sarah said...

thanks andrea! i actually wondered about the nickname around your home too... :) funny!

Christina said...

I just found your blog via pinterest. I just wanted to say your baby is adorable. I'm 6 weeks away from having my 4th, a girl, but my last two were boys and seeing your sweet boy made me wish I was doing the boy thing again this time around. You have a beautiful blog!

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