Wednesday, April 04, 2012

{oh baby} life with hank. 6 weeks.

well, i think it's about time i got back to blogging. i miss you.
i'm feeling extra motivated today after nabbing 5 hours of solid sleep.

our sweet little boy is now 6 and a half weeks new. he's eating, sleeping, and growing just the way he should be, and for that we're very blessed. he has two very overly attentive sisters that are always on the lookout for peeking eyes or a dribbling chin. but boy oh boy, it hasn't been easy. the adjustment to life with 3, 4 and under has been a challenge. i'm finally feeling comfy venturing out, especially now that the Spring sun is gracing us. and at last, our entire fam is on the mend after 4 weeks of the sniffles and coughs. today is a new day.

6 weeks and currently loving...

his first smiles. i melt.

dressing a boy. it might just be that we've had 4 years of pink and purple, but i am loving all the grey, black, skulls and robots. he's my little doll.

his squishy snuggles. i'm soaking every second of cuddle time i can.

his sister's admiration. hank is so loved by his sisters. hannah loves to watch him, while he's awake or sleeping... and hazel makes certain mama has a burp cloth, pee pee teepee {she's convinced they're tiny hats} and blankie nearby at all times. she's also let hank cuddle with her favourite doll in his swing.

sweet noises. the way he smacks his pouty lips. the way he sucks his fits. his grunts and groans when he's stretching, or even pooping.

there's something undefinable about a mother's bond with her son. all i can say is i'm madly in love with him. my sister in law, brooke, had a cute analogy... "it's like having a little boyfriend you can carry around on your hip" so sweet and funny.


Jacquelyn said...

While I haven't had a daughter to compare the feeling, I agree with you about bonding with a boy. I think that's why they made the term "Mama's boy".

andrea said...

oh my goodness sarah! he is so unbelievably cute. love those photos. and it's just a bit different with a boy isn't it?! so special :) (and dressing them is AWESOME!!)

CJ in OK ;-) said...

He is a total cutie, enjoy your boy. CJ in OK ;-)

Shay said...

so adorable! I love the chair! new follower! you can visits me at


Morgan said...

What a sweet little update - Hank is so handsome! It's true what they say about the bond with your's such a special one. Love the "boyfriend on your hip!"

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Oh my goodness!
I wish I had a boyfriend just like that! :)
He is adorable Sarah!

Cindy Dueck said...

I agree dressing a boy is to fun! He is so sweet and yes all boys will be mamas boys (my little man is) I just love that. :) Congrats again Sarah!

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