Wednesday, April 18, 2012

instagram of the week.

we like to be busy.
but sometimes it's tough to get out. 
we have more home days since hank arrived.
and, i've had to be creative with including more independent activities for Hannah.
thank goodness for Pinterest.

this simple little activity was a true boredom buster.
it chewed up over an hour of the afternoon while hazel & hank napped, and i attempted my first go at my mom's homemade chicken dumpling soup.

a colorful full of fizzle experiment.

what you'll need...

a muffin tin or mini loaf pan.
large baking sheet or cake pan.
food colouring or koolaid packs {i haven't been able to find them here}
vinegar. $1.47 at walmart
baking soda. $1 per box at dollarama
a large dropper. $1 at walmart
an apron or old t-shirt. things can get messy.
napkins or paper towel.
placemat or table cloth.

what you do...

cover your table... and your child.
mix your vinegar and food colouring in each muffin tin.
pour half to a full box of baking soda into your large baking sheet or cake pan.
demonstrate how the experiment works by dropping a few drops of colour onto the baking soda.
now, it's their turn!

we split our box in half so i could refill our pan twice.  she enjoyed mixing colours together, and drawing pictures with droplets.
she was fascinated and the soup was delicious!


Victoria said...

Cute, I read through your post quickly, and didn't see that you had made homemade chicken soup.
So when I read the last line that the soup was delicious, I thought you meant the fizzy stuff LOL!

Sarah said...

ha! the funny thing is... when i wrote the post, i thought the same thing. wonder if anyone is actually going to read the intro and whether the soup thing is going to make sense! :)

christine, just bella said...

seriously, what did we do before pinterest?? ;)

Wendy said...

We just did this today and it was a total hit! Thanks for sharing.

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