Sunday, April 29, 2012

{i love} things i love sunday.

it's been a long, long... long while but i'm finally getting back to the gym. i'm determined to get my pre-baby body back. the one i had before my first born. i've fallen in love with a workout routine all over again.  rejuvenated. so far so good.

my hazel can no longer squeeze into baby girl clothing... but i'm tempted to stuff all of her into THE most adorable swimsuit i came across earlier this afternoon.  i want one in my size too!

loving this idea of creating a bubble station for backyard bbq's or summer parties.  a lemonade jar with spigot and all the fixin's.

add this diy to your honey-do list this spring.  chevron planter boxes with reclaimed or scrap wood and trim... or on a sunny afternoon, neon colour block an inexpensive plant pot...  what's not to love?

we ate these for breaky this morning.  yum.

i was lucky enough to stroll through michaels this past week on a date with hank.  it reminded me how much i adore martha's acrylic paint collection... best of all, her chalkboard paints come in an adorable shade of green and blue.

my next late night craft will be a bouquet of these spring-y pom pom flowers.  they look adorable tucked into a glass milk bottle, an old mason jar, or even a classic coke bottle.  here's a good tutorial on how to make a yarn pom pom.

need a pick me up? browse this pinboard.

Friday, April 20, 2012

{oh baby} life with hank. month two.

what a difference a month makes. hank the tank is a good nickname for this boy.  his evening feeds are astounding these days and we still can't figure out where it's all going.  spring has finally sprung and we've made it around the pond a few times -  i can't wait to enjoy this sun coming our way this weekend. 

month two and currently loving...

his smiles. still. he is a happy, content baby most of the time. and always has a smile for mama and big sister.

his bottom lip. and when he's unhappy, he has an enormous pout that is probably one of the most adorable things i've seen.

bubbles and coos. he loves to hear silly sounds we make and his rebuttal are adorable coos and blowing bubbles.

sleeping.  after polishing off a good 8 ounces before bed, hank's down for the count.  we're up to sneaking 6 hours of blissful straight sleep from him on occasion this past week.

his hair. obsessed.  i have one with braids, one with ringlet curls, and one with a faux hawk.  awesome.

accomplishment.  i admit that this transition for me was definitely a tough one.  i've had good days and bad. but ultimately, i feel accomplished that i've developed a routine and sunk into a good groove with these babes of mine.

see: month 1.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

instagram of the week.

we like to be busy.
but sometimes it's tough to get out. 
we have more home days since hank arrived.
and, i've had to be creative with including more independent activities for Hannah.
thank goodness for Pinterest.

this simple little activity was a true boredom buster.
it chewed up over an hour of the afternoon while hazel & hank napped, and i attempted my first go at my mom's homemade chicken dumpling soup.

a colorful full of fizzle experiment.

what you'll need...

a muffin tin or mini loaf pan.
large baking sheet or cake pan.
food colouring or koolaid packs {i haven't been able to find them here}
vinegar. $1.47 at walmart
baking soda. $1 per box at dollarama
a large dropper. $1 at walmart
an apron or old t-shirt. things can get messy.
napkins or paper towel.
placemat or table cloth.

what you do...

cover your table... and your child.
mix your vinegar and food colouring in each muffin tin.
pour half to a full box of baking soda into your large baking sheet or cake pan.
demonstrate how the experiment works by dropping a few drops of colour onto the baking soda.
now, it's their turn!

we split our box in half so i could refill our pan twice.  she enjoyed mixing colours together, and drawing pictures with droplets.
she was fascinated and the soup was delicious!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{i decorate} room for two. source list.

i've had an overwhelming response to my post yesterday of the mini tour of my littles' shared room reveal. thank you so very much!  below i've prepared a detailed source list for the room to answer your comments and emails as best I can.  if you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment!


beds - millbrook iron bed in vintage white, restoration baby & child
pinwheel bedding - restoration baby & child
pink houndstooth quilt - linen & thread
yellow & white suzani pillows - made by grandma

nightstand - homesense

window bench - IKEA LACK shelf turned sideways, 2 CAPITA leg kits
window bench cushion - made by me; 3 inch foam camping mattress trimmed and batted with cotton, sewn cover
storage baskets - homesense
pink suitcases - homesense
striped pink, white felt, felted kite, ruffled parade pillow - made by me
green chevron pillow - made by grandma
knit dollies - pottery barn kids, no longer available
polka dot sheers - restoration baby & child clearance
silver ball drapery rod - walmart

monogram H - - restoration baby & child
book ledges - IKEA RIBBA photo ledges
large frames - IKEA VIRSERUM
wall night lights - IKEA ARSTID wall light

stuffy storage bin - dwell studio paper doll collection, raspberry kids
stuffies shown - monster factory collection, babybot

tissue poms - etsy

collection display shelf - winners clearance
knit stuffies {owls and birds} pottery barn kids, no longer available
stuff doll on book ledge and collection display shelf - warm sugar, etsy

embroidery hoop button monogram - made by me, pinterest
embroidery hoop pin board - made by me

bubble gum blowing contest canvas - homesense, a long, long time ago

photos of the girls - photographed by me, printed at
photo backdrops - quilts from linen & thread

paint color - dishwater, general paints {# unknown}


window bench cushion - taza tarika in yellow by dena designs
parade pillow and pink polka dot ruffle - sarah jane
green chevron - premier prints
yellow suzani - premier prints
pink stripe - premier prints
kite pillow- scrap linen and wool felt

Monday, April 16, 2012

{i decorate} a room for two.

my girls' shared room.
they're eagerly anticipating their first sleepover.
my hazel still sleeps in the nursery...
but the transition is coming very soon.
nothing but sweet dreams in this colourful, cozy room.

a mix of old and new. vintage and modern.
just girly enough.
personalized just for them with many handmade treasures i crafted during my pregnancy.
i adore their big glowing faces above their beds.
a wall of never ending stories on display.
pink houndstooth quilts made by grandma.
cuddly pinwheel bedding.
a window seat to gaze at the ducks in the pond and the puppies on the path.
a pile of handmade pillows for cuddling... or fights :)
a wall of collectibles low enough to reach from the bed.
a button monogram. pinned it and did it.
a handmade pin board for special photographs and drawings.
a ceiling of colourful poms.

a room they'll grow in.

and now for a mini tour...

please leave a comment if you're curious of the sources for any of the details!

next week, a peek at their crammed and overflowing closet... a true challenge!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

{i love} a quilt named hank.

my mother in law, hollie, has an fantastic blog overflowing with home decor ideas, delicious recipes, and organizational tips... but the foundation of her blog stems from her etsy shoppe, linen & thread, where you'll find modern handmade throw size quilts and stroller cuddle quilts impeccably crafted from pure cottons, made with love.

her shop, linen and thread is a non-profit with 100% of proceeds directed to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation {}. linen and thread was built for and inspired by my nephew, luke who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 16 months.

enjoy FREE SHIPPING now through May 15th, 2012.
use code DINOSAUR at checkout!

*free shipping available only in North America*

Friday, April 13, 2012

{oh baby} stroller wars.

1 stroller, 3 babies, 55 flamingos

these days, buying a stroller can be a big investment. we definitely had a tough time deciding whether to go with a side by side double or another that was more compact and flexible.

my list of wants included...

potential room for 3
easy fold and expansion
compatible with most carseats {we have the peg perego}
tall handle
lots of storage
fits easily in our cargo space
durability and longevity
good on rougher terrain, walks, park visits, zoo visits
snack tray option

we considered the bumbleride indie twin as we had the single and absolutely adored it. i was hesitant to choose a double wide simply because of the width. another double we looked at was the phil and teds with the toddler seat, the glaring issue i have with these types of strollers is the low seat for the child that sits beneath resulting in a restricted front view.

we chose the baby jogger city select based on its 16 different seating variations and here's what else we love...

huge storage space
removable seats
easy fold and expansion
glider board for our oldest, which easily drops or folds up on the fly
stadium seating with both toddler seats, an equal view of the sights

i find the steering on our city select a little more work, probably because i'm pushing 80 pounds of baby in addition to the stroller's weight. it took some getting used to, but now i hardly notice any restriction, and it's a good work out anyway. the only other annoyance i have thus far, is the snack tray pops on and off a little too easily. minor.

i highly recommend the city select stroller, whether you're expecting your first or third. with all it's flexible options and gadgets, it's a great stroller that'll take you through the years of an expanding family!

Monday, April 09, 2012

{i decorate} a year of instagrams.

i've been using my most favourite app, instagram for one year now. the very first photo i took was of hannah licking a giant swirly lolly for breakfast on Easter morning 2011. coincidentally, we framed and hung our year of instagrams this Easter weekend. it's definitely a new favourite spot to gaze at in our home.

our instagrams tell our story of the past year. they capture small special moments and not necessarily a perfect picture. we can look back through these photos and remember a specific event, activity, outing or just funny moment at home. this morning, hannah and i even played i spy with the photos, remembering a silly hat she wore or a cardboard plane she flew.

i took advantage of a 20% off sale through, thanks to a mention from tickled pink photography. i selected a 20 x 28 poster size print using one of poster jack's user friendly grid layouts. each of our posters has 35 photos. each poster was only $14 shipped - so economical that we'll be printing new posters each year! i framed them in IKEA's ODBY frames just like our gigantic family photos in our family room. we haven't much wall space in our cozy little home, so they're hung on our landing beneath the gorgeous maskros pendant which casts some delightful shadows in our stairwell.

how do you display your instagrams?

{i love} instagram of the week.

this girl.
she is kind.
she is smart.
she is important.

hannah's current obsessions include numbers, colouring, and building marble track. all of which she's impeccably good at. her number obsession has led her to memorize the weekly forecast for calgary, along with where grandma and baba live. she is continuously putting me on the spot asking me to add, subtract or multiply two random numbers. i am glad she has a vested interest that'll make her love math. something of which i certainly did not!

Friday, April 06, 2012

{i love} things i love friday.

my most favourite gift, a customized necklace from my hubs from the vintage pearl with each of my babies' names. a treasure i'll always keep close to my heart.

on my list of to-makes are these adorable reversible bandana bibs for my soon-to-be drooler!

our family is hooked on this super simple roasted parmesan cauliflower recipe. it makes my weekly menu at least twice a week. other must-try recipes on my easy dinner board are these homemade battered & baked pickles perfect for an appetizer or afternoon snack and these flavourful grilled chicken quesadillas.

our IKEA gilbert dining chairs have definitely seen better days. i'm obsessed with these colourful garden side chairs that can be used inside or out. my fave is the turquoise blue!

a new scrumptious paint colour... benjamin moore's wythe blue a few projects are underway {again}. i picked up a gallon of this delightful colour to refinish the kid's palooza bins in their playroom, a giant S monogram in my office, and some terracotta pots to spruce up our deck.

this blog is plump full of yummy recipes, home decor ideas, and organizational tips. loving these wallpaper covered magazine holders. another project on the to-do list for my new basement craft closet!

and for the designer-geek in me, i downloaded a trial of totally rad's radlab which simplifies photo affects using one-click filters. so much creative fun!

happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

{oh baby} life with hank. 6 weeks.

well, i think it's about time i got back to blogging. i miss you.
i'm feeling extra motivated today after nabbing 5 hours of solid sleep.

our sweet little boy is now 6 and a half weeks new. he's eating, sleeping, and growing just the way he should be, and for that we're very blessed. he has two very overly attentive sisters that are always on the lookout for peeking eyes or a dribbling chin. but boy oh boy, it hasn't been easy. the adjustment to life with 3, 4 and under has been a challenge. i'm finally feeling comfy venturing out, especially now that the Spring sun is gracing us. and at last, our entire fam is on the mend after 4 weeks of the sniffles and coughs. today is a new day.

6 weeks and currently loving...

his first smiles. i melt.

dressing a boy. it might just be that we've had 4 years of pink and purple, but i am loving all the grey, black, skulls and robots. he's my little doll.

his squishy snuggles. i'm soaking every second of cuddle time i can.

his sister's admiration. hank is so loved by his sisters. hannah loves to watch him, while he's awake or sleeping... and hazel makes certain mama has a burp cloth, pee pee teepee {she's convinced they're tiny hats} and blankie nearby at all times. she's also let hank cuddle with her favourite doll in his swing.

sweet noises. the way he smacks his pouty lips. the way he sucks his fits. his grunts and groans when he's stretching, or even pooping.

there's something undefinable about a mother's bond with her son. all i can say is i'm madly in love with him. my sister in law, brooke, had a cute analogy... "it's like having a little boyfriend you can carry around on your hip" so sweet and funny.

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