Sunday, January 29, 2012

{oh baby} a few new favourites.

i'm now 37 weeks! my first was born right at 37 weeks, my second just shy of 39, but i don't think this little guy is going to make his debut any day soon... luckily, my neurotic nesting keeps me busy. organizing every inch of my home. cooking and baking up a storm. crafting until my heart's content. always cleaning something. and pinterest may just be the main catalyst for all of the above!

during our preparation for baby... i've come to love a few new products i hadn't yet used for either of my girls. and i thought i'd share a couple of them with you!

finding the perfect baby book is difficult...well, at least it is for me.
i actually had 2 different ones started for hannah.
and for hazel, i've just been jotting milestones and the everyday things in a journal.
thanks to this blog, i discovered baby book by sara midda. LOVE it.
it's beautifully designed, affordable, and concise.
LOVE it so much that it'll be picking up two more to transfer the girl's record into their own books.

i'm loving the breathable bumper. it's a safe, mesh-like crib bumper that reduces risk, deters climbing, and prevents little legs from poking through. it's subtle design {we chose white} is great to integrate into any decor. we've tested it with hazel and she likes it too!

though we haven't had a chance to use this tool yet, we've invested in a bed bug bumper for hazel. the bed bug bumper is a firm foam wedge designed to go under a fitted sheet as a safer and easier alternative to the traditional bed rails. let's hope this helps to make a smooth transition to her big girl bed! thanks morgan for the tip!

lastly, a journal of my very own. i treated myself to a mom's one line a day journal. a five-year memory book to record a thought, a quote from one of my babies, or just those every day little things you don't want to forget. my first entry will be on the day of his arrival. i can't wait.

... coming early this week, a new nursery tour!


Joy said...

if you haven't ordered more of the baby books yet, i have an unused copy here. it's yours if you'd like it!

merideth said...

that is the baby book i used for lily. i love it. and taylor desperately wants one too. too bad i slacked off after my first.
if you don't want joys copy i will take it. taylor would be so happy.

Sarah said...

i'll definitely be picking up 2 more. i'd gladly take yours joy - however, mer if you want it... i can wait!

andrea said...

yay :) i'm glad you love it too!

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