Sunday, January 15, 2012

instagram of the week.

i couldn't pick just one...

1. my girly girl hazel sporting an adorable hairband from shabby lane boutique
2. my boy's drawers stacked full of cute hand-me-down onesies and jammies
3. a delicious oversized piece of pie shared with my hubs on our last date before baby's arrival
4. an awesome vintage book for $1 on a thrifting date with my mom


merideth said...

oh my goodness how much do i love instagram!!
great captures.

Wendy M said...

Hey Sarah, where do you do your thrifting? I'm going to start working on the boys new room soon and can only think of Value Village as a thrifting spot. :)

PS where do you find the time for all of your lovely crafting, baking and decorating. These days spare time for those things is rare around our house. I admire you :)

Sarah said...

I avoid Value Village... since it's more of a business they charge outrageous prices for things! Look for local Goodwill, habitat for humanity, or Mennonite shops (MCC) if you have there. Also, the dollar store. If you go with a creative open mind sometimes you can find the best stuff there! And come summer, early morning garage sales!

I can't imagine life with twins and growing girl! I'm sure my time will shift and change come #3. I think it's mostly nesting that is driving my baking and crafting craze these days! Night time and lack of sleep gives me a lot of time to think and do!

Miss you here!

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