Saturday, December 03, 2011

the season of giving.

it is always better to give than to receive.

throughout the year, we've been encouraging H to be caring and giving towards others. since she's only 4, this mostly includes her preschool class, teachers, and her swim class. she loves to craft, paint pictures, and create special treasures. nearly each day we go out, she has something tucked into her backpack for someone - usually a different friend or teacher each day. she received her very first picture back from a classmate on wednesday after we returned from our vacation. she was beaming.

around holiday time, it's important for us to deliver bundles of food to the food bank bins at our local grocery store... shovel walkways for our entire block... and this morning we delivered tim horton's to a few sets of neighbours while we were experiencing a neighborhood power outage.

whether it's popping out to deliver a dessert to a neighbour or paying for the next coffee in line, the little things matter.

that's why i fell in love with this blog post from last December, originally pinned by one of my sister-in-laws. Each day of Advent, her family performed one random act of kindness, making the Christmas season about loving others. i adore the concept, her ideas for random acts, and purely just the principle and meaning of it all.

maybe it's the emotional pregnancy or just simply the time of year, but i hope you find this post as inspiring as i did. 24 daily acts might be too much for some to manage, but even one random act WILL make a difference.

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Amy Chapman said...

I love this Sarah!! My mom and I used to write a little notes about spreading Christmas cheer and kindness along with a candycane on random parking lot cars. It's fun running around trying never to get caught while spreading a little love!

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