Sunday, December 11, 2011

instagram of the week.

both babies have been under the weather this week
which has been tough on our household...
but at the same time, has given us ample time to accomplish a lot indoors.
today i spent a good portion of my day baking.
i've been sewing projects for little man's new nursery and the girls' room.
and finally in the midst of addressing our holiday cards.

my procrastination of our cards this year was doused by the arrival of a couple from family and friends earlier this week.

i crafted a handy holiday wreath to display our cards with odds and ends i had in my craft bin. i really love how it turned out.

all you need is...
1. branch wreath, or an embroidery hoop, or any wreath will do
{i found mine in a michaels clearance bin for $1.99}
2. clothespins, covered in festive paper or glitter
3. ribbon for hanging
{my velvet candy cane ribbon was found at dollarama, $2 for 6 metres!}
4. a hot glue gun

all you need to do is...
1. glue your clothespins equal distance apart around the wreath, alternating direction so that every other one opens to the middle or outside of wreath
2. remember to leave a space open at the top of your wreath for your ribbon
3. wrap your ribbon through and hang on a door, mirror, wall or window
4. pin your collection of holiday cards!

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