Saturday, December 10, 2011

another letter to santa.

holidays are so much fun with my little 4 year old.
december is a month full of decorating, crafting, baking...
and, of course, learning of the true meaning.

our advent calendar has been providing us with endless activities.
and Elfie has been up to his regular shenanigans this year.

the curiosity of a 4 year old is incredible. it makes holidays all the more fun.
she's full of questions and demands answers. some of which i've had to be extremely inventive.
and if i can't satisfy, she's been writing her fair share of letters to the big guy to ask him directly.

here's a small round up of cute {and free} printable stationary for your little one to send off to the North Pole.

And, after he enjoys a tall glass of milk and a plate full of scrumptious cookies, we know that the big guy will be writing our girls a special note for Christmas morning on his very own personalized stationary too.

happy holidays to you and yours!

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