Wednesday, November 16, 2011

instagram of the week.

at last, our terrarium is one step closer to completion!

i had purchased an awesome oversized terrarium jar from Superstore quite some time ago for a steal at $11. and quickly ordered a bundle of adorable clay mushrooms from etsy. we filled the bottom with 4 bags of decorative rocks from the dollar store. who would have thought finding the right moss would be so tough? we searched greenhouses all summer long. finally, during a rare visit to the mall, we popped into crate and barrel to have a peek at their holiday collection and they were selling bags of terrarium moss for $9.99. Perfect.

last on our list is to order a cute little gnome from etsy that can make his home in this cushy corner... and maybe we'll have to decorate the interior a wee tiny bit for the holiday season! my oldest daughter LOVES it and imagines a family of Smurfs live inside the mushrooms.

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