Monday, September 05, 2011

{i love} back to pinning.


i had a pinterest account when it first began. i quickly deleted it. i thought it'd might become too much of a time-sucker. since the burial of my macbook... along with my plump full evernote, which i used to keep track of my list of loves, DIY projects, crafts, recipes, and home design ideas, i thought i'd start back up and pin my faves.

are you on pinterest?

visit my boards on pinterest here.


breezebot said...

I am on pinterest! Breezyhunt. I love it. Such a neat way to keep all your ideas together.

Ambrosia said...

LOVE Pinterest! I'm currently doing a project - making one pinned item a day! You can find me here: I even made your appliqued onesies!

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