Monday, August 01, 2011

{i decorate} ODBY frames & BIG family photos.

we've been busy making little additions to our home.
and finally filled our gigantic ODBY frames from ikea.
i fell in love with these frames.
they compliment the shape of our thilde coffee table from urban barn.
they are a gorgeous bright laquered white.
and their massive size makes a huge impact.

we filled them with 3 of our favorites from our recent family session with carlee of rumor has it photography. she editted the photos to give them more of a vintage feel to go along with our old camera collection.

i'll be sure to snap more photos of the entire room this week!


i've been a bad blogger as of late...
my macbook bit the dust a couple weeks ago.
silly enough, i felt like i lost a piece of me.
i get him back tomorrow.
and the girls and i are taking a little trip.
so i'll have ample time to catch up on my google reader, evernote, iphoto, and blogging!


  1. darling family photos!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I wish we had the wall space for a similar installment! Have a lovely trip :)

  3. what a lovely display of your lovely little family

  4. These frames are new to me... love the shape! I guess a trip to Ikea is in order ;-) Your family photos are beautiful!

  5. I love these!! Can I ask what size that is?

  6. thanks for the comments everyone!

    Cason and Marie: the photos are printed 20 x 30 and the ODBY frame size is the largest at 75 cm wide by 105 cm high

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Where are the cute patterned chairs from?

  8. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I'm getting ready to re do our living room and was wondering where you got your couch? & is it fabric or polyester?