Monday, August 29, 2011

{i decorate} indigo's lifestyle collection.

i recently visited our local indigo to pick up a few preschool prep items and little birthday gifts for my now 4 year old girl... i had a glance at their new lifestyle collections online, but it was wonderful to browse the sections in person, not to mention, browse them alone. :)

i've fallen in love with a few items from their study and home collections. i've already nabbed a cute pen cup for my office redo and added a few goodies to my list of wants.

i plan to design a photo grid on my main wall, 9 frames by 3 rows, and a mix of old black and whites and new family photos. it'd be amazing to choose a gorgeous frame like indigo's silver foil frame with a linen matting... unfort, i'll most likely be settling for ikea.

our newly renovated basement has a bit of an earthy feel, bursting with a mix of textures and a combination of materials. these throw pillows would be the perfect addition on our kramfors sofa paried with our new lumex coffee table from urban barn.

meet my new pen cup. it was love at first site. i love the black and white floral detail.

we're into owls. who isn't these days? these substantial gloss white owl bookends are definitely at the top of my list.

and, i've always got baby on the brain. indigo's online selection of baby gifts and goods is incredible. when i don't have time to whip up a baby gift, indigo is my go-to.

a fave of hazel's are these rainbow beads from manhattan toy. next to the winkel, it's hazel's favorite thing to play with.

admittely sophie's novelty has worn off. and since i have a late teether, i think i'll be picking up one of these new sophie teethers. it's much easier to grasp and maybe miss hazel will fall in love all over again.

the wheels are turning for nursery #3. i'm putting together my design board for the new nursery, and the girl's shared room. i've always loved the simplicity of petit collage's wooden mobiles. i'm wondering if one of these would be easy to DIY somehow? anyone out there tackle a project like this?

last but not least, a new friend in the downstairs playroom. we've ran with a woodland theme. birch trees on the wall, a 3sprouts racoon storage bin, owl art, and a family of stuffed owls.


Rumor has it...Photo and Design said...

Just saw those frames with the burlap looking matting the other day at our CHapters, didn't see the foil frames ones! Also was alone, isn't so nice to not have to hang out in the kid area for once!! :)

Morgan said...

Lovely finds! I will have to carefully venture into Chapters on a day off soon. Maybe I should leave my wallet in the car?

I totally think you could DIY that mobile. I bet you could get the wooden cut-outs on etsy and add your own artistic painted wings?

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