Saturday, May 14, 2011

things i love saturday. short & sweet.

"what on earth is this green stuff?"

california. period. we are on family vacation and loving every moment. soaking up sun, time with family, delicious meals, and the beautiful blooming plants, flowers and trees.

wrap yourself up in cozy with tickledpinkknits luxurious shawls, cowls, and scarves. my favorite design is the rococo shawl.

my most recent addition to my google reader. two ellie. and check out her fabulous home.

this collection of handmade growth charts, bunting and embroidered art by canadian shop bopeepbaby would certainly be the perfect baby shower gift. i'm loving the cupcake bunting happy birthday part picks for the girls' upcoming birthdays...

...and maybe i could whip up a set of these adorable tissue paper lanterns?

the closest we'll get to camping this year are these cookies. that reminds me, i have a cookbook on my counter that's strictly smores. perhaps we should knock each one off before summer's end. yum.

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