Tuesday, April 05, 2011

things i love tuesday.

one little monkey jumping on the bed!
we are SO very ready for spring to arrive so this little munchkin can rid of more energy!

cuddle up with some cozy typography. a modern alphabet quilt by tula pink. stunning.

browsing anthropologie spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. i'll be picking up a pair of of these for the new vanity in the bathroom downstairs... and i spotted this on the rack last week. it's lovely and it belongs in my closet. and, then there's this. it would make anyone's world a whole lot brighter.

bookmark this idea for table numbers, gift wrap, or even wall art using masking tapes in an assortment of colours, prints and patterns.

i'm anxious to get started on my office makeover. i'm turning my office ... into, well, more of an office. i'm starting over. our first project? this ikea hack. i'll be posting more about it this weekend.

here's an abundance of incredible ideas to transform your everyday cardi into one that's fresh & fabulous.

follow this easy peasy tutorial to make your own colourful Easter garland from paint chips. i can't wait to hang ours!

this week i've reunited with an old friend. her and i go way back. i'm feeling rejuvenated and energetic!


erin said...

I'm loving those IKEA bookcases (of course the orla kiely wallpaper doesn't hurt). Please post your experience! I looked at the website but didn't see the doors she recommended, so I'm curious about how you'll do it! I've been dreaming of a wall of built-ins for the basement. Since I'm pretty sure that option will always be out of my budget, this would be a stylish alternative! Excited to see how you make it work in your office!

oil painting workshop said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Sarah said...

i love that abc quilt. thanks for the link.

Sarah said...

erin - i plan to use the olsbo doors. my space will fit 4 across. i'll be sharing more of my plans and drawings this weekend, but i think i'll leave mine open back, add extra support and paint the wall behind a dark grey/blue. so excited!

daniel - thanks for following!

sarah - i HOPE you make it. it's lovely and with the amazing fabric choices you make, it'll be even better!

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