Friday, April 15, 2011

things i love friday.

well, life got a little in the way of blogging this week.
but it's definitely better than blogging getting in the way of life.

hubs is on nights this week which has given me ample time in filling my evernote with little lovelies to share with you...

if you're looking to add a bundle of adorable projects to your to-make list, go here. i am especially in love with the houndstooth quilt pattern and the snow ruffle pillows.

another little DIY project to keep your munchkins from bouncing off the walls, and onto the floor. this colorful roll-up hopscotch mat will be perfect to bring out for indoor playdates.

lately, i'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with housework. i came upon this handy article on how to keep your house "clean enough" using four daily routines. it's already helped me this week.

and, while we're on the topic, my first to-do this weekend is to DIY this natural all-purpose cleaner. i'm a frantic clean-freak and i overuse cleaning wipes and sprays. though, they're eco-friendly, i love the idea creating my own & being familiar with it's ingredients.

my office is getting a makeover. i want to get it right. i'm excited about the plethora of ideas on creating a gallery wall in your home over at casasugar.

how cute are these cozy crafted knit hats over at happy hooks crochet. perfect for photography props or chilly days!

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Morgan said...

Sounds like we had similarly busy weeks! Love the article on cleaning....I read FlyLady religiously for a while and picked up some great habits from her, especially the shiny sinks and quick tidies. I find less stuff = cleaner house too, although with little ones, that is easier said than done!

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