Friday, April 29, 2011

{i love} cute food for kids.

i've found a new fave.
cute food for kids.
i've been trying everything under the sun to get my picky 3 year old to be more adventurous with her foods.
which usually includes hiding healthy ingredients, bribes and empty threats.
i am changing things up. i am making food fun.
and thus far, we have had fabulous results.

cute food for kids is inspiring and so very creative.
browse through the sweets and sandwiches.
i guarantee you'll be smiling the entire time.
and completely impressed by the ideas.
and another fun one to browse...

just a word of caution that once you start, your little one will want something
fun and exciting every day. of course, my designs have been a little less sophisticated and she loves it. i'm thinking of designating two meals a week to be creative & cute.

visit cute food for kids

1 comment:

Jenn Hudson said...

I love cute food, but only as an appreciator - no craftsmanship here!

Pretty pretty yum yum is also one of my favorite food sites too. Lots of cute food just spilling out of Japan.

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