Tuesday, April 05, 2011

{i design} a few recent projects.

lately i'm early to rise and late to bed with an overflowing plate of design work.
being busy is wonderful. being overwhelmed is not.
i'm in the midst of polishing off a volusion website customization
and then i may just try to stick to smaller scope projects
such as blog design, branding, and ad design for the summer months.
there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to invest in large projects nowadays
in between all of the tea parties, puddle jumping, and lego building!

here are just a few of the projects i've been working on...

Your At Home Team launched their new website this week.
I designed a fresh, clean look for their site implemented by
Sallie & David have been clients of mine for over 5 years.
It's been amazing to see how their business and branding has evolved.

Just In Case - Today is a life binder that'll keep everything you need organized
in once place in case of emergency.
I've designed a crisp, professional brochure-style site
that'll launch later this Spring!

this project proves that twitter is a fabulous networking tool.
I met a delightful new client through volunteering for a design project...
and it led to some advertisement design work.
a full page ad for new & green baby co.
an online cloth diapering boutique

Though I no longer have a hand in managing weekly Cuddles. I do love designing marketing materials and graphics for True Cuddles. They'll be attending a few tradeshows and fairs this Spring. And, they've been stocked with fresh new postcards and business cards to pass along.


Jessica F said...

Do you offer web design services regularly? I'd love some detailed information/pricing on web/graphic design.


Anonymous said...

You "designed" these? Hmmm, I have seen these featured on stock template sites...so do you just use previously created templates for your projects?

Sarah said...

The True Cuddles postcard is designing using elements from a stock template purchased from stock layouts.com (the star dots to be specific) is that the design you are referring to? and photography is legally purchased through istockphoto.com .

No, I don't use previously created templates for my projects. I used a vector element from another design that I thought fit for my client. That's what stocklayouts.com and other vector stock websites are for.

Thanks for your comment ;)

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