Tuesday, March 15, 2011

things i love tuesday.

we have much to be grateful for. what is going on in this incredible world is unbelievable. do what you can to help. donate here. here. or here. you can even search etsy for some amazing handmade goodies whose efforts and proceeds are going to this cause.

and... on a lighter note hopefully these cheerful finds will brighten your day.

tube socks are way cute on babies. my little ones will be strutting their stuff in their very own knee high stripes.

let loved ones know your baby secret with these fun DIY napkins. also a great idea for a neighborly dinner party.

love this collection of simple, fresh and colourful prints.

in my search for the perfect light for the guest room, i stumbled upon these stunning honeycomb shades.

ugg designs flip flops? who knew.

the most beautiful handmade vintage inspired eco-friendly clothing for girls. my favorite? this chevron stripe sun suit. i want.

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