Monday, March 21, 2011

{oh baby} solids.

we've embarked on a new adventure.
hazel LOVES to eat. she gobbles up a bowl of rice cereal in the blink of an eye.
so i've started to make purees and feed her the good stuff!

here are a few new goodies i've discovered the 2nd time around...
all of which would make wonderful baby gifts.
4 new little babies born into our family just this year!

the mumi & bubi solids starter kit.
the kit includes 2 BPA free freezer trays & lids with 24 1 oz servings each and a step-by-step e-guide with 27 baby food recipes. i love that i can prepare so many servings at once and pop them in the freezer.

with this journal, i can track the introduction of new foods and hazel's reaction. it's easy to use, well organized, and well designed. i have many allergies, and i fear my children will follow suit, so i think this tool is essential.

i picked up this book a couple weeks ago. it covers everything from starting to feed to making food fun for preschoolers.. i love the easy to follow schedule of food introduction in the beginning of the book... and the wonderful, creative ideas for healthy snacks for Hannah.
love these. the beaba soft spoons are bpa-free flexible utensils that are proportioned for little mouths, gentle on gums, and i adore their length.


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SunnyD said...

these look great! thanks for posting : )

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