Monday, March 07, 2011

{i craft} colourful kisses.

colourful kisses originally blossomed back in 2007 after H was born. she had a head full of dark brunette hair which i loved to accessorize. i began to design and create felt flower clips, eventually sought by friends and family... then strangers whilst we were out and about. so, i started a little hobby biz, etsy shoppe, and participated in local craft fairs. after H was a year or so, I went back to designing from home fulltime... and colourful kisses was put on hiatus.

and... now it's back!


Joy said...

yay sarah! the "new improved" colorful kisses site is looking great!

Morgan said...

Gorgeous!!! I will be purchasing up a storm if my sister in law has a baby girl!! Fingers are crossed!

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