Tuesday, February 22, 2011

things i love tuesday.

looking for a fun activity for a blustery day? favorite this sweet freebie from one of my favorite artists, vol. 25. print, cut, and build your own cupcakes with your sweetie.

i'm crushing over anna marie horner's new fabric line, innocent crush. the deep tones, intricate patterns... gah! it just might be my new favorite. now to decide which mix to order for my girlie's new dresses...

have a hankering for cake on a stick? check out this easy peasy how-to on whipping up a batch of pleasing cake pops.

i'm investing in one of these quirky tooli nightlights from oxotot. maybe, just maybe, this'll be the trick to keeping my H in her own bed!

added to my list of to-makes is this super adorable pony hoodie on prudent baby. LOVE the ruffle detail around the hood too!

kalaya ultimate pain rub has done wonders for me this past week nursing all sorts of aches and pains... this magic rub is similar to a535 but kalaya is natural, paraben free and safe {and a little more pricey} i picked mine up at shoppers drug mart.


Cindy Dueck said...

I love those night lights too...but the cost...
So I found one at Ikea for my daughter..it also changes colours and she knows how to turn it on and off. Thought I would share with you!

Sarah said...

thanks for leaving a comment Cynthia!

We actually have gone through two of those ikea lights - they both wouldn't hold their charge after 4 to 6 months! i still haven't bought the oxotot light for the same reason - price... and fear that it won't do the trick!

Cindy Dueck said...

oooohh good to know...I bought mine just last month..thanks!

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