Wednesday, February 09, 2011

{printables} valentine's treat bag toppers.

i may be going a little overboard with hannah's little valentine's preschool party... but, well, it's what i do. yesterday H and i crafted these little treat bags holding 3 purple wrapped chocolate hearts for her classmates. she helped with the counting, sorting, stuffing and stapling.

i had a stack of goodie bags left over from her 2nd birthday sitting in my pantry - you can purchase these at your local craft store in the cake decorating and candy making section. the toppers measure approximately 4.25 depending on your cuts, so purchase a bag that is close to this width.

the how-to.

1. download & print your treat bag toppers. each page prints four toppers.
2. cut & trim the toppers equally and fold in half
i've left space to sign your little one's name under the heart design
3. stuff your treat bags with goodies
4. fold the top of your treat bag. sandwich the bag in between your treat bag topper.
5. staple shut with one or two staples.

i've designed the treat bag toppers in a pink mix and blue mix, perfect for girls and boys, or even your neighbor!

the templates.

treat bag toppers - pink
treat bag toppers - blue

want to see more printables? leave me a comment! :)


tkirmer said...

I found you through Pinterest and love your ideas and printables. Thank you for sharing

Grandma S. said...

Can you share the name of the script font you used here? Thanks in advance!

Jenny said...

LOVE these! So happy I found you through a link on Pintrest! :) Thanks for sharing!

Meredith said...

I am using these for my sons class - full of vanilla gold fish and red mm's- I shared this link over on my blog as well.

MichelleMN said...

Thank you so much! I love your design and appreciate your generosity. These will be topping bags with Oreos for my 4 year-old's Valentines :)

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