Saturday, February 05, 2011

{i love} mimiTENS & a giveaway.

we sure love our mimiTENS.

Made in Canada, these brilliant pieces of winterwear are fabulous in design and function. Featuring incredible embroidery and illustration, made with a durable exterior, mimiTENS have extra long cuffs to help them stay on and a Thinsulate™ lining for added warmth. mimiTENS are available for babies all the way up to size 4-5! mimiTENS recently launched their beautiful smartpretty collection for moms too!

i'm giving away two pairs of size 2-3 mimiTENS in the
formula 1 race car for boys and the russian dolls for girls!
2 winners will be chosen!

to enter, simply leave a comment telling me why you'd love a pair
for your little guy or gal!

if you can't wait for the giveaway, hop on over to true cuddles and nab your mimiTENS for up to 63% off this weekend!

Although we aren’t saying good-bye to our winter blues just yet,
we can say good-bye to lost mittens for good!

contest ends 02/09/12. winner chosen at random.


Jocelyn said...

Ooh, these are fabulous! I was just saying yesterday that we need to get some better gloves for the kids. I am in TX and our winters have only brief days of cold here and there so we don't invest in great winter clothing but it actually snowed yesterday and my poor kids' hands were getting so cold and wet from picking up the snow with their little stretchy gloves. The mimiTENS would totally solve that problem!!! And they are gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Love these! They would be perfect for my to be toddler next winter! We are in Alberta as well, and this winter has been full of snow....I can't wait to get outside and play with him next year and these mimiTENS would be perfect for that!

Meg Baxter said...

We live on CFB Shilo, near Brandon, Manitoba. Yup, it's cold here 7 months of the year. Getting Heidi (17 months) to keep her gloves on is a REAL challenge. I resorted to getting the kind without the thumb hole this winter to discourage her from yanking them off while we're outside. It's frequently colder than -20 degrees celsius here and her little fingers turn bright red within moments without her mitts on. I'd LOVE a pair for her!

Morgan said...

Great giveaway - I would love a pair for H because I lost one of his mittens recently! We can't play in the snow with only one mimiten!

Elizabeth said...

These would be perfect for my son Gabriel. We also live in Calgary, so as you know, they would still get tons of use this season. Plus, they are adorable!

Michelle Mason said...

I'd love a pair for my son. We have trouble keeping mitts on his little hands and he loves to be outside whether is cold or if we're experiencing a chinook.

Lynn said...

We love these! We just lost our son's pair on the way to daycare. We looked in the parkade, up the elevator, checked in the lost and found for the building and the day care and no luck. We would love to win a pair, and are really missing his mimittens:( There is still a lot of winter left here in Calgary!

Cindy Dueck said...

Oh I would love some for my little miss Olivia. She never keeps her wool mittens on and I need something that will work. Going to the park and playing in the cold isn't fun with no mittens:)

Sarah said...

ok, so yes, we live in arizona. but there are times when we go up north to play in the snow, and we are completely not outfitted for that kind of fun. these look awesome for such events. also we are winter wimps and need something warm, even in the desert.

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