Friday, February 18, 2011

{i craft} you colour me happy printable {+ our heart-shaped crayons}

here they are! our heart-shaped crayons turned out wonderfully. we landed up using silicon baking pans {from dollarama!} - the hearts were thick, better for little hands.

i have to mention that my 3 year old patiently peeled the wrappers off each crayon and broke them into pieces. this is a great project to do with your kiddos!

you can make these crayons in any shape... just follow this easy-peasy tutorial and use a pan of your choice!

we mounted our heart crayons on a cute "you colour me happy." card using glue dots {they stuck fairly well}. a free printable for you! the design is versatile - use it for valentines day, school parties, or birthday treat bags. as an added touch, mount your card onto solid coloured cardstock. enjoy!

download the you colour me happy printable


Rumor has it...Photo and Design said...

Oh wow, those turned out great!! You were smart grouping like colors together! And those dollarama's I tell you they are the best!! I ended up going to Crate and barrel because the Michaels didn't have the one I wanted anymore! I should send you a pic of what ours looked like!

JLAS said...

Funny - I was thinking about your crayons last night and wondering if you might answer a question.... once you have used the heart shaped container to make crayons, can you use it for food? I suppose if I get something from a dollar store, its not that big of a loss. :)

Sarah said...

send a pic! i love getting emails and comments :)

i think my dollarama trays will be saved for crayon-only making... they got a little waxy. i assume the tin ones would be a good investment for both uses - they probably don't get as icky from the crayons!

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