Sunday, February 27, 2011

{DIY} basement renos.

as i mentioned in a couple past posts, we're finishing our basement.
we're on a strict budget. and we're doing 75% of the work ourselves.
my husband is a champ.
he'll be the first to admit that he is inexperienced when it comes to this sort of thing.
however, with hours of the DIY channel, a ton of research, and an incredible amount of patience... it's progressing quickly!

we'll have a large storage room.
a cozy full bathroom. a large guest room with double closet.
a media room. and a playroom.

we're plumbed!
the wiring is nearly complete!
and drywall is scheduled in for this weekend...
then my fun begins!

since we're amateurs at such a massive project...
i thought i'd share some tips that we've learned along the way.

  • design and develop a strict budget. and stick to it.
  • if you have work to outsource, gather plenty of quotes and do your research to learn what's reasonable. our plumbing quote went from $800 down to $200 plus parts!
  • shop around. ask about future sales. we've managed to hit a sale each week at our local home reno stores... doors, shower, lighting.
  • purge. we've reached over $1000 in selling random items and furniture we do not need.
  • have faith in your husband. i had my doubts before this all started. i am quite proud at how good, accurate, and patient he is with this sort of thing.
  • i'm terrified of big saws.
  • visit DIY network's website. in one evening, you can learn a whole lot!
i'll be sure to share some photos after this weekend's work bee...

... and my contribution to this week's basement renos?
a gorgeous mirror for above our vanity in the new bathroom.
for only $50! yay.
{from my fave store, homesense}


lesley [smidgebox] said...

awesome! nice job, can't wait to see so pics.

we always have ideas of doing some work ourselves, but we always chicken out, scared we'll do something wrong!

Sarah said...

i had my qualms about tackling it ourselves, but quite honestly, it's actually not that tough! {easy for me to say, i haven't really lifted a finger yet}

we're getting professionals to assist with plumbing, finishing the electrical {simply hooking up the fuses} and drywall. luckily, they're all acquaintances or family so that helps with the cost!

i say, go for it!

Unknown said...

We just completed basement renos. It took over a year but it's finally done! My husband did most of the work, with the exception of plumbing and electrical. Oh and he started to do the mudding but ended up hiring a mudder because it turns out it's a PITA to DIY!

Rymistri@la vie en fuchsia said...

love that mirror!! Care to share where it is from? What a steal.

Cason and Marie said...

YOu have such a fun blog! I don't know how I stumbled upon it, but I'm glad I found a new read. I can't wait to see this awesome project!

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