Friday, February 04, 2011

{DIY} antilop support cushion cover.

the IKEA antilop was the winner of the great high chair debate!
it's price, size, and simplicity won us over.

with the antilop, IKEA also offers the BARNSLIG support cushion. it has two loops to thread onto the safety belt and it's made of a soft fuzzy stripped fabric that i wasn't particularily a fan of.

i finally put my gorgeous heather bailey laminated fabric {purchased from fatquartershop} to use and crafted a cover for the barnslig support cushion. i also added eight cute buttons sewn through the cushion insert to ensure it'd stay in place. love how it turned out. best of all, i can wipe it down if it gets icky when little miss hazel starts digging into the rice cereal soon!

hazel thinks it's pretty awesome too!


Unknown said...

your fabric cover turned out great. this makes me want to get a high chair for my baby. i don't think he'll stay in it though. he's two and a half and thinks he is a big kid like his brother and sister.

Rumor has it...Photo and Design said...

So cute! You're good! She looks like she'll like messing it up for you!

Christina said...

I love this cover. I was thinking about getting this high chair for my little guy. Do you any more instructions for the DIY cushion?

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