Wednesday, February 16, 2011

32 before 32.

32 before 32.
i will turn 32 in mid-october.
here is my simple little list of 32 things
i'd like to accomplish before then.
in no particular order.

1. sew cute dresses for the girls
2. take a zumba class
3. reunite with my old volleyball team
4. indulge in a pedicure & massage, on the same day
5. a family road trip to the mountains
6. take a cooking class
7. redesign my design blog
8. cook pfchang's lettuce wraps from scratch
9. learn how to use my camera
10. grow fresh herbs
11. have a date night with my hubby at least twice a month
12. enjoy a movie at the movie theatre {it's been over a year!}
13. read a non-fiction book from cover to cover
14. journal to my girls
15. build planters in our front yard
16. visit the berry farm
17. organize and purge my closet
18. visit my hometown
19. ride a rollercoaster
20. paint pottery with hannah
21. view a live theatre production
22. makeover my pantry
23. train for a 10 k next spring {& shed the last of this baby weight}
24. sew a quilt
25. escape for an entire weekend with my hubs
26. change my hair color
27. tidy up my files {both electronic & hardcopy}
28. save more dollars each month
29. visit calgary landmarks with my girls
30. scan and catalogue our old childhood photos
31. design a family recipe book with my mom
32. learn how to make perogies

i'll be adding this list to the column of my blog
and check items off as they're accomplished.

i look forward to what year 31 brings!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

I have made a 30 before 30 list....I should post mine too!

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