Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things i love tuesday.

the fresh and soft pirouette collection at gap for my babies. who's up for some Spring shopping?

decorate for love day with this easy peasy DIY fabric valentine hearts garland

no doubt your little one would nab some sweet dreams on the new pebble lite mattress by nook sleep systems

i finally found the elusive heart pan to DIY some heart-shaped crayons for H's preschool. hooray!

this jesse tote has my name on it. can you believe i no longer own a purse? i'm in the market for one and love fossil's giant selection.

lila was here is now a daily visit. i'd love to do a project like this... someday.

it's 5:00 am and i'm craving these.


merideth said...

yay i am glad you found the pan. and that purse is gorgeous.
i really love when you share what you find.

Rumor has it...Photo and Design said...

I was going to try the heart crayon shapes too, I saw it on one charming party. These darn preschools and not being able to give food! I have so many great candy ideas!! I'm pretty sure I saw the heart whoopie pan at Michaels too. I might sneak up there today during prechool to see how much it is. I might check out the dollar store too, my sister made them a while ago and used little pie plate type cups that were stars. I was thinking there might be the same thing in hearts? PS love your blog! I swear you and my sister are the same crafty personalities!! When I found your blog, she had done half of the crafts you had on your blog!!

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