Saturday, January 08, 2011

playroom addition.

thanks to blogging friend morgan's post on fabulous forward-facing bookshelves featured on ohdeedoh, this week we picked up two bekvam spice racks from Ikea. with a quick double coat of white spray paint, they're hung in the girls' playroom at the left of their big front window, host to some of H's favorite reads. i was in search of narrow book display shelves and these definitely fit the bill! i love love how they turned out. i'll be sure to snap a photo of the entire room this week... a tornado visited the toy bins today.

H also has these simple ledge shelves i found at jysk, a discount furniture store, for only $2.99 each. there's a comfy stack of pillows tucked in the corner between the wall and her daybed... it's the perfect hiding spot to snuggle up with her stuffies and look through a good book.


Morgan said...

Love! They turned out so well! I picked some up too but I am trying to decide whether or not to put them in Hunter's play area in our living room or not.....not sure about making holes in the wall there!

Sarah said...

really truly love them! i think you'd be super happy with them there and it's something you'd be leaving up for quite some time! they do require anchors though so the holes are definitely not tiny {especially if your hubby puts things up like my hubby...} ha!

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