Monday, January 17, 2011

{oh baby} wee gallery art cards.

this is the only way i can get my little turkey to stay on her tummy for more than 30 seconds! little miss hazel has already mastered the art of rolling from tummy to back... and this is all going to much too quickly for me. i already miss my cuddly newborn. am i crazy to be thinking about having a third already? probably.

we love our wee gallery art cards. hazel has the farm animals collection and i'm definitely going to be investing in another set very soon. i have them placed infront of her window seat for tummy time, in her crib when she's hanging out while i put laundry away, or stuck on the wall near her change mat. she loves staring at the quirky characters and they make her smile. i purchased our art cards on sale at indigo before she arrived.

not to mention, these cards make fantastic, inexpensive art for your little one's nursery... even sarah richardson thinks so!

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