Friday, January 14, 2011

{i love} pop & lolli.

my goodness where has this week gone?

thankfully hubby's days off begin this evening and we're gearing up to dig in to our big basement renovation. i've been dreaming of how the space will look, especially the girls' under stairs hideaway and their playroom. i'm easily {and happily} distracted from the wood & wires by the final result.

i recently learned of pop & lolli on ohmyhandmade and instantly fell in love. pop & lolli creates massive re-stickable & eco-friendly designer fabric wall decals. the designs are quirky, cheery & whimsical using a modern color palette. the decals can be re-used and repositioned many times over to re-transform your room!

my most favorite are the enchanted forest trees. how adorable are these funky tree designs? the color palette would be absolutely perfect for the room and i know the girls would adore them. but, at $290 a set, i may have to keep dreamin'!


merideth said...

heehee have you seen in my pics that i have these. yes they are definitely a splurge but i love them.
i too fell in love when i first saw them.

Sarah said...

lucky! i saw them for the first time yesterday on ohmyhandmade. i'll be dreaming about them now for their playroom... but we have toilets, doors and potlights to buy first... boring.

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