Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{i craft} paper fortune cookies.

my hubby turns the bit 3-5 this march.
occasions always seem to sneak up on us.
so i got a jump start, purchasing a few special little gifts.
and crafting some too!

i thought i'd share this idea now as it'd be a wonderful valentine's gift for that special someone!

before kids... when dinner dates were more frequent.
{our last real date was on his birthday last year! eek!}
if the fortune was a good one, we hung on to it.

i thought this would be an adorable personalized gift for him from the girls and i.
35 fortune cookies filled with reasons why we love him so.
i haven't decided yet how i'll gift them. either in little take out boxes in sets of five...
or randomly on our table when we gear up for birthday cake...
or we'll send him on a treasure hunt all over the house!


1 comment:

Annelise said...

I made these for Valentine's and also made a bunch for fun lunch notes...nothing better than hugs from home!

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