Saturday, January 01, 2011


we're starting the New Year off right around here...
baby slept right through from early evening until 4 am.
hooray for only one nighttime feeding!
baked a batch of easy-peasy super-healthy mini turkey meatloafs to freeze for H.
hooray for quick and handy lunches!
discovered that macintosh ice cream sandwiched by fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies just may be the best desert ever.
hooray for indulgent treats despite our be fit in 2011 goal!
and... last but not least,
we polished off two outstanding projects in our home that are dear to my heart.
hooray for completed projects!

#1. our photo wall is complete. i adore walking up the stairs to be greeted by a collage of our sweet family photos backed by wallpaper and centered around one of my fave etsy prints from madebygirl.

#2. our vinyl art from simpleshapes is finally up in our master bedroom. paired up with two of our wedding photos and a sample of floral wallpaper {amy butler, graham & brown, $2} , it turned out beautifully and completes our room.

happy 2011!


Morgan said...

Love both of those projects! What a great way to start the year!

annettelovescliff said...

I love the picture wall! Where did you get the wall paper? So cute! Also, any insight on how to lay it. I notice you didn't go the edges of the left a border of sorts.

Sarah said...

the wallpaper is amy butler from graham & brown ( we also hung a different pattern for an entire feature wall in our master bedroom (photos to come!) i thought the photo wall would look cool bordered with the wall.

the wallpaper was unglued so we purchased a wallpaper kit from home depot which included wallpaper glue. we went strip by strip until we were finished.

the wallpaper we hung in our back entrance was glued, so it only had to be wet before hanging (much easier and less of a mess!)

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