Friday, January 07, 2011

hello amy.

i think i nearly hyperventilated at winners this evening when i was out for a quick hour of me-time.

i was in search of some storage goodies for my office/craft room transformation. i'm digging back into my colorful kisses biz this year and i'll be spending much less time at my desk designing, and oodles of time creating, crafting and sewing. {that is, if i can get away for a moment from building duplo robots and getting my overly cheerful 3 month old to nap!}

i have been coveting amy butler's darling stationary accessories online for quite some time. her prints & patterns fascinate me and they're sprinkled throughout our home. so when i discovered all these goodies at winners tonight, i was super pleased to say the least.

my hubby and i spent a little time tonight reorganizing my cabinet and desk, drumming up some new ideas for the walls and storage. the room is becoming much more colorful and inspiring, perfect for creating!


Twirlie Whirlies said...

I LOVE Amy Butler paper goods. Her colours are as incredible as the patterns. Would love to see a pic of your finished space.

Cindy Dueck said...

I'm new to your blog!!! I just picked up some amy butler at winners too...I think I said OMG out loud..:)
Loving your Blog and all the DIYs...thanks

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