Thursday, December 02, 2010

yay for december.

we're finally on the mend from another round of colds and coughs that ran rampant on our household. oh the joys of sending one off to preschool! i was on a blogging roll and now i'll hop back into it!

yay for december! we're two days into our advent calendar and H is so excited to dig into the pocket to see what activity or surprise there is waiting for her. yesterday we met the elf on the shelf, and today's activity was perfect for this tired mama - we built a giant fort and had a snack...

my christmas shopping is nearly fini - i just have a few stocking stuffers left for the hubs - i'm out of ideas, anyone?

last week i found this adorable nativity set by sevi on raspberry kids. i'm kicking myself for not going ahead and ordering one as it's now out of stock. i think it'd be a beautiful keepsake for the girls, and so fun for them to put out and play with each year. sevi also offers a bounty of awesome gifts and stocking stuffers... the quality is amazing and the price is quite affordable in comparsion to other wooden toys on the market.

visit raspberry kids to see their sevi selection

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