Tuesday, November 23, 2010

things i love tuesday.

i adore these old photos of my hubby being pulled by his dad in a bc apples box. i'm working at a new project scanning in our baby photos for the top of our distressed nightstands. he looks so cuddly & my oldest resembles him so much. my hubby is also sporting a similar stache this month in support of movember {groan}

speaking of cuddly, i adore squishy cuddles from big H after a long day.

i'm feeling superbly festive after a weekend of decorating our home for the holidays.

we love little h's puj tub. perfect for our double sink on our island & it makes bathtime easy peasy.

though i'm far from becoming a gleek, i adore this holiday album.

i've been drooling over some of the entrants of ohdeedoh's small kids, big color contest & building a massive portfolio of ideas for the girl's downstairs playroom!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Nice pictures. The baby is really cute.
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