Tuesday, November 02, 2010

things i love tuesday.

"what on earth are you doing mama?"

love 1. one month already?
little h is already one month old and smiley as can be - though you can't really tell by the photo above. she needs practice sleeping but thankfully when she's wide awake, she's a happy girl. i'm grateful.
download & print your own DIY grow bubbles.

love 2. scholastic book orders
how much do i LOVE scholastic book orders?! we just received our first book order today from H's preschool. a couple to put away for christmas, and two others themed for autumn. i must say 10 fat turkeys is a pretty cute book.

love 3. giveaway week at one of my fave blogs.
if you don't already follow. do. mon petit amour is having christmas early with a pile of goodies to giveaway this week.

love 4. still pants from lululemon
i could {sort of do} live in my still pants from lululemon. they are perfect to slip on to tote the little one off to preschool, or just kick it around my house. i think i need another pair!

love 5. munchmoney for your lunch money.
i can't get over how cute these felt coin pounches are from etsy seller munchmoney.

love 6. bright design.
be inspired by flipping through this gallery of creatively brilliant bright spaces.

oh, and if you haven't already - enter my giveaway for $50 to spend at Dear Born Baby!

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Ashley Houck said...

I am your newest follower! Love your blog. Follow me too? Keep up the great work sweetie!

{the appraiser's wife}

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