Tuesday, November 09, 2010

things i love tuesday. my creative space.

my office

welcome to my creative space.
my office. my sewing room. my drawing room. all in one.
eventually i'll have a craft heaven when our basement is complete...
but until then, when i have time to be creative - i do it in here.
i love this room.
it's elegant with a twist of modern.
the first room guests see when they walk through our front door.
it's functional. it's personal.


the things i love most about this space are...

1. my super long multifunctional desk
custom built with several peices from IKEA, my desk is home to my work PC {which has seen better days} and on the opposite end, a cozy spot to pull out my sewing machine which is tucked neatly in my giant white uber organized bookshelf

2. my tea cup clock
i am amazed this clock has held up through multiple moves, even countries! it's not only one of my favorites in my office, but in our entire home. purchased from umbra, my tea cup clock strikes conversation with everyone that sees it {it'd be super easy to DIY!}

3. my cozy corner
the perfect spot to flip through a mag or watch my toddler play her preschool games on the computer... plus with south-facing windows, it gets ample warm sunlight

4. my art
i adore the prints i've collected from etsy, though my corner walls are screaming for more. i can't wait to hang our beautiful family portraits from michelle wells photography

5. my photo carousel
in the corner, i have a photo & postcard carousel perfect for displaying black & white photos of my little ones. i love that i can easily swap new ones in... and my daughter LOVES to look through her old photos and reminisce of her trips to grandma's, baba's and disneyland.

6. my bergsbo bookshelf
if only it'd stay looking so pristine, my giant bookshelf is home to knick knacks, art & sewing supplies, and office goods. my wireless printer and sewing machine even fit inside!

My Office

do you have a creative space? what do you love about it?


Morgan said...

Love your creative space! Especially the tea cup clock. I have quite the collection of antique teacups that the Hubs constantly complains about.....perhaps it would make him happy to see them in a clock? Great DIY project idea....if I ever had the heart to part with 12 of them!

Unknown said...

You have very neat and clean creative space. I must say great room. I wish I could manage mine as the same.
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