Saturday, November 27, 2010

{i love} three year old thoughts.

it's been a long week!
we're all looking forward to sunday.
hubs first day off after a long string of nights.
the grey cup.
a day for catching up.
and a day for lazing around.

laying with my 3 year old at bedtime tonight
made the strain of this week fade away.
she told me what she wanted santa to bring her.
she asked why the snow was melting so fast when it just got here.
she wondered why it's so hard to find daisy duck jammies.
she made our plan from top to bottom for our sunday...
everything from what we'd eat, to what we'd play, to what we'd watch.
sometimes conversation with her is a breath of fresh air.
the mind of a three year old is fascinating.
she is so imaginative... curious... and carefree.
the things she comes up with often make me laugh out loud.
things i never want to forget.
things i want to remind her of when she grows.

i found this journal... "my quotable kid". it might be a cute keepsake.
i'm curious, do any of you out there keep a similar journal?

1 comment:

LAUREN said...

I always say I want to keep a journal like that... but I have never started of course. If only there was more time in the day! One lady I know told me she writes the funny quotes directly on her calendar so she can look back at them at the end of the year, and I thought that was a great suggestion, but I still haven't done that either!

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