Monday, November 15, 2010

holiday traditions.

it's beginning to look a little like Christmas around here...
we spent the last warm day hanging garland and white lights on our porch this afternoon.
and H and i have been rooting through our decoration bins all weekend!
we'll also be hosting our first Christmas dinner in our new home... i can hardly wait!
as kids grow, holidays become more and more fun.
this year, we're introducing a few new traditions...

1. elf on the shelf
what better a way to ensure good behavior for santa than an elf-spy who moves each night to a new spot. i know H will get a kick out of this and it'll be fun for us too!

2. home-made advent calendar
i'll be finishing up the details on our DIY advent calendar this week & the countdown will soon be on. tucked in each pocket will be a family activity or treat... {unwrap and read a holiday story, family game night, holiday movie night, etc.} for us to reveal each day

3. christmas eve jams and story
this isn't a new tradition in our family, but it will be for our sweet hazel. each year, our girls open a new pair of jammies on the eve of their birthday & christmas... along with a new storybook.

4. a month of Christmas
we'll be visiting special places around the city to soak in the spirit of Christmas. on our list so far... Once Upon a Christmas at Heritage Park, Zoolights, community holiday markets, and a drive through Spruce Meadows

5. sweets & goodies galore.
H has a mini obsession with gingerbread men right now... or "cookie mans" as she likes to call them. building a gingerbread house is on our list along with so many other holiday goodies i want to bake & make for us and our neighbors.

what are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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