Thursday, November 25, 2010

{DIY} recycle your toys for the holidays!

i love love these ideas.

i'll definitely be crafting these adorable recycled ornaments for next year's mini tree in the playroom spotted on creature comforts blog, one of my fave blogs of all time! we have oodles of wooden puzzles, some have seen better days or are already missing pieces so i'm excited to find a use for them! i think i'll be creating my ornaments from a wooden alphabet puzzle - won't that be cute!?

or how about this adorable DIY gift toppers crafted from the charley harper memory game. great for anytime of year! {i didn't have much luck finding this game in canada, luckily i have family in the us! - wishing them a happy happy thanksgiving!}

happy holiday crafting!


Rumor has it...Photo and Design said...

Hi, there! Just wanted to let you know I bought that game at Anthropologie in the States last year. I know there's one in Edmonton, and soon to be one at Chinook. Not sure if its still there or not, but it might be an option!
Love your blog!!

Sarah said...

can't wait - i think anthro opens on dec 17th! counting down the days! i just got my mom-in-law to order me two. one for me to craft and one for the girls to play! thanks for following my blog!

Rumor has it...Photo and Design said...

No worries, your decorating and crafting ideas are awesome! Just so you know, the box has lots and lots of squares in it...I would guess 50 or so. I think you could easily craft a couple here and there without wrecking the game, I think its aimed at a bit older kids. I have an almost 4 year old, and its a bit too much for her!

Sarah said...

i'm excited to receive the game! my oldest turned 3 in august and she's a super fan of memory games so i'm glad this one will be a little more challenging for next year!

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