Saturday, September 04, 2010

on her bookshelf.

on her bookshelf

i LOVE that my 3 year old has a passion for books of all sorts.
each nap & bedtime she picks two to read before she catches some zzz's.
& we often find her curled up on her floor or window seat "reading" the stories she's memorized.

admittedly, when i was little & throughout my teen years, i wasn't too fond of reading... i'm still not. unless it's a magazine, a cookbook or a good read that'll help me through child rearing! but, because of my passion for art & design, i love how books look & feel... if that makes any sense at all. and the importance of and my appreciation for reading has grown since having a little one.

on her bookshelf right now, h's top six are:

grumpy bird by jeremy tankard
welcome to your world baby by brooke sheilds
pinkalicious by victoria kann
the gruffalo by julia donaldson
if kisses were colors by janet lawler
dinner with olivia by emily sollinger

what are your little one's faves?


Susan Bates said...

My son loves "Peas and Thank you" I have been reading it to him since he was born!

Mrs.Goates said...

Right up Pinkalicious alley is "Fancy Nancy"... Elaine also loves our collection of nursery rhyme stories and fairy tales

Sarah said...

grandma passed along the fancy nancy collection for h's 3rd birthday! she's falling in love as well...

Anonymous said...
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Stephanie Rimmer said...

May I ask where you got those shelves the books are on? I saw something simlar at IKEA, but they were much longer.

Sarah said...

hi stephanie - the shelves are from a little discount store called JYSK. i lucked out, only paying $3 each! if you live in Canada, you should be able to find one - especially in the west.

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