Monday, September 13, 2010

{i decorate} mudroom makeover... part 2.

leave it up to me to obsess about the design of the smallest corner of our home.
but since it'll be our main entrance once our garage is built... it musn't be left out, right?

remember this post here? well, our mini mudroom has gone through another transformation... mostly thanks to my keen mother-in-law's design ideas & my pickiness.

things i changed.

the tacky wire shelf has gone bye-bye. in it's place, two glossy ekby tony shelves with ekby bjarnum brackets from ikea.

swapped my larger wicker baskets for some smaller ones i had kickin' in our basement.

say hello to ikea's portis coat rack. transformed to a yummy grape color after five coats of martha stewart's grape jelly paint.

a stunning new mosaic mirror found for only $34 at homesense.

gorgeous black & white wallpaper found at home depot. by far my favorite element of the little room as it shares the characteristics of the rest of our main floor.

things to do.

discover something cute for the second shelf's vacancy.

incorporate some black & white prints from our session with michelle wells.

maybe... just maybe, change the knobs on our hemnes shoe cabinet to give it a little more character...

1 comment:

merideth said...

so awesome. love that grape jelly paint color... hmm maybe for my girls room.
i love the wallpaper.

and i love that you obsess... as so do i.

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