Friday, August 06, 2010

{i decorate} mudroom makeover.


our little mudroom makeover is complete {for now}...

things i love.

my framed weekly menu
i altered the color to better match our home before sending it off to costco to be printed
i framed the 16 x 20 menu in an ikea ribba frame. i sure love how it turned out.
tomorrow i'll draw up my menu for the week & i'm certain this board will be most helpful!
find the free printable weekly menu here

the hemnes shoe cabinet
i'll be stocking this full of our winter gear along with other outdoor goodies.

storage. storage. storage.
the large baskets on the shelf will be perfect for toys, balls, umbrellas, and dad's baseball caps.

a cute rug.
a treasure found at a local homesense for only $12.99!

things to do.

adding a seat.
i'm still in search of the perfect little bench seat to place beneath the weekly menu.
i'll sew a cushion for it and it'll be perfect for sitting on to put on and take off shoes.

removal of the wire shelf.
eventually we'll be removing the wire closet shelf and adding solid custom shelving to go across the wall.


merideth said...

love it. you are doing a great job!!

merideth said...

oooh i have an idea for a bench. give me a call.

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