Monday, August 02, 2010

{i love} fun finds.

favorite things

a few of my favorite things i've come across these past weeks...

1. this neck of the woods etsy shoppe.
i was blown away by the meticulously handcrafted garlands by this little etsy shoppe. how darling is the butterfly garland?

2. martha stewart fabric drawers.
you've already seen these in my girls' playroom & i've just picked up two more in lagoon for baby h's nursery closet. these martha stewart fabric drawers are perfect for storage just about anywhere... they're soft, cute, and the right price... only $6.99 at your local home depot.

3. buns in my oven blog.
bacon in your popcorn? you betcha. it might be the fact that i'm eating for two, but this is my all-time fave food blog around.

4. bendomino.
my daughter has a love for games. i picked bendomino up at indigo last week on sale for 30% off. it's dominos and matching with a twist - each time you play it makes a new curvy shape & it's perfect for her age. another fave, boggle jr.!

5. safety 1st hi-def video monitor.
we nabbed this online from dear born baby for 50% off! what a steal! if you're in the market for a video monitor {which we regretted not buying the first time around} pick this one up! read a great review on the monitor here...

6. floralcy - a designer's paradise.
i'm a sucker for a good pattern. floralcy offers up some beautiful patterns and adorable vector art... at a cost less than many stock photo sites out there. it's worth a look!

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